Joshua Shipley Racing
JOSHUA SHIPLEY Mini Sprint & 360 Sprint Car
2013 LoanMart Challenge Cup Series Champions  
JOSHUA SHIPLEY Mini Sprint & 360 Sprint Car
2017 marks the start of a new era for Joshua Shipley Racing!

I am very excited to announce that I will be racing full time in the #01jr Verville Racing, Carlyle Tools by Napa ASCS Southest Sprint Car. Alan Verville called me mid season in 2016 to drive their 2nd team car. When I got that phone call, I was so excited I was shaking. I’ve watched the Verville Racing team for years and I know that it is the best quality a racecar can be and that professionalism has always been stressed. I raced 4 races with them ending 2016 and had great success every race, running up front every night. During the offseason we have regrouped and prepared for a Championship chase for 2017. We will be racing February through November in 2017 in the winged car and I will race the Joshua Shipley Racing Non-Wing sprint car a handful of times when schedules do not conflict. Racing for Alan and Kaylene gives me a lot of confidence that we can win and run upfront on a weekly basis and also contend for a championship. I haven’t felt this prepared in a long time. 2017 is sure to bring fun and success!
After a heart breaking race on April 16th with a mechanical failure while leading on the last lap, Joshua Shipley Racing was ready with a head of steam going into Saturday April 23rd’s Napa Non Wing Desert Sprint Car race at Central Arizona Speedway in Casa Grande Arizona. The night started off rough when Joshua was disqualified from the heat race when he fell off the top of the race track in turn 2 and re-entered the racetrack in the wrong location. “Roger Toops, our race director, made the right call. We discussed the rule at the drivers meeting and I did not re-enter the race track in the correct location” –Joshua Shipley. With that happening Joshua would have to start dead last in the main event. Joshua charged his way through the field while the race went 17 laps caution free. With the caution coming out at lap 17, Joshua was sitting 3rd behind Dustin Cormany and Cody Batten. On the restart with only 3 laps remaining Cody batten was able to slip by Cormany for the lead and Joshua followed Batten by Cormany. Taking the white flag down the front straight away Joshua was able to get a great run off of turn 2 and complete the pass for the lead and the win through turns 3&4! It was a great race for the fans to watch and Joshua showed his never give up attitude. The Christie Grading and Paving, 488 Websitedesign, Aero Panache, Ti22 Performance, Bishop Powered, Spike Chassis definitely earned this win! 
April 16th 2016 marked the 4th race of the season for Joshua Shipley Racing in the Napa Non Wing Desert Sprint Series. Joshua came into the event 2nd overall in points and striving for that 2nd win of the season. The event was held at Canyon Speedway Park in Peoria Arizona. Joshua Started 5th in the heat race and was charging hard in the 3rd position when the 3nd place car turned sideways and Joshua got into the wall with the right side tires. No hard and no foul was done to the car. Joshua continued on to finish 3rd in the heat race. Joshua lined up 5th position for the main event. On the first lap he fell to 9th position but then put on a hard charge taking the lead from Cody Cambensy on the 8th lap. Joshua led up until the 19th lap when a mechanical failure happened in the rear end of the racecar forcing him to retire from the race with just 1 lap to go. Joshua Shipley Racing will be re-gathering and have the car ready for the next race at Arizona Speedway April 23rd!
 JOSHUA SHIPLEY Mini Sprint & 360 Sprint Car
Driver of the Verville Racing ASCS Southwest
Series #01jr Winged Sprint Car
Owner/Driver of the Joshua Shipley Racing #2
Non-Winged Sprint Car
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  Joshua Shipley Racing would like to welcome 488 Website Design and Christie Grading and Paving to the team as media marketing partners for the 2016 race season! Jerry and the team at 488 Website design have been doing the website for Joshua Shipley Racing the past few years and doing a wonderful job of it. Please contact them for all your website needs!  
Christie Grading
and Paving
  Christie Grading and Paving has come on board as a very proud sponsor to Joshua Shipley early in 2016. Located in Buckeye, Arizona we proudly support this Arizona based company  

  My dad truly is my best friend.

At age 4 he bought me my first racecar. We had a man to man talk that if I put 100% in to school then he would put 100% into racing. We both kept our promises. Jan 24th of this year my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. When he was diagnosed, the Cancer had spread from his lung to his brain. My dad worked his butt off as a Bricklayer and earned every dollar he ever made.

During the time my dad was diagnosed, he had been out of work and had no insurance.  I worked my butt off to try and find him funding to get his cancer treatments. The cancer was moving rapidly and we had to start treatments right away and did not have the time to wait for AHCCCS to kick in. I help take care of my dad and as of lately he is now under Hospice care.

My Dad has been with me every step of the way through my racing. In 2009 when the economy crashed my Dad could no longer afford the racing. He told me if I wanted to go any further I had to do it on my own. I worked my hind end off to show him I had what it takes and my talent has gotten me where I am today.

I will always do my best to make him proud.
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